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The CWDGA 2021 season officially opened with the Spring Meeting & Rules Seminar on May 12, 2021. With over 180 registrants
from 64 clubs, we were delighted with the overwhelming response. Thank you to all those who participated in the event.

The meeting started with a highlight of the 2021 calendar, including the 120 Four-Ball Match Play events, four Tournaments,
plus the Annual Championship. We look forward to seeing many of you on the golf course soon.

As usual, we were pleased to have Robert Markionni, Executive Director of the CDGA, join us. Robert clarified
the use and benefits of the World Handicap System hole-by-hole procedure.

In the Rules Seminar, Cherie Kessler, CWDGA Rules Chair, and Nancy Nemec, CWDGA Assistant Rules Chair, gave
an excellent review of match play basics, penalty for causing the ball to move, procedures for the ball, and penalty areas.

In addition, we were excited to be joined by David Staebler, USGA Director of Rules Education. David shared his insight on
Ruling Requests, an important topic in match play. He was equally engaging in a live Q&A with the audience on a myriad of rules questions.

For a full recording of the Spring Meeting & Rules Seminar, click here: View Recording