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CWDGA Rule of the Month

What happens if a player improves or worsens the conditions affecting her stroke?
Before making a stroke a player may not move, bend, or break any growing or attached natural object, immovable obstruction, integral object, boundary object, or tee-marker for the teeing area when playing a ball from that teeing area, or move a loose impediment or movable obstruction into position if any of these actions improve conditions affecting the stroke. Before making a stroke a player may avoid penalty by restoring any original object moved as nearly as possible so that the improvement is eliminated. The player may not alter the surface of the ground, remove or press down loose soil, or remove dew, frost, or water if any of these actions improve the conditions affecting the stroke. These improvements cannot be undone and the player would incur the general penalty. If the player worsens the conditions affecting the stroke, the player is not allowed to restore the conditions. If the player does so, she incurs the general penalty.